HM 400 / Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Machine


  • Cost iron transmission
  • Double stage speed settings
  • Work lighting lamp
  • Electric panel inside lighting lamp
  • Electronic control and slide guide system transmission head

In order to prevent the vibration and much noise of teh honing machine, the transmission is produced of high quality cast-iron. The hydraulic equipment of the machine is completely replaced in the transmission. There is no visible hydraulic pipe on the exterior surface of the machine Coolant unit is accommodated in the base of the machine. The transmission travel is upside and downward. You might adjust the hydraulic feed speed during the honing process. So, you may obtain any design you require inside the cylinder. You might stop the work of the machine whenever you want immediately via a special brake system.

Seri No Standard Equipments HM 400 
152100 Parallels Supports  2
152101 Pair of quick setting up fixture 2
152102 Cooling system 1
152103 Hydraulic system 1
152104 Hydraulic speed adjustment unit 1
152105 Manual operation book 1



Technical Specifications     HM 400
Max. Honing Capacity  mm      260
Min. Honing Capacity  mm       25
Stroke bore deepness mm      400
Honing spindle speed rpm    40 x 80
Spindle stroke speed  m/dk/min      0,18
Table surface mm  600 x 1500
Table travel mm      1000
Min. Distance between pindle and table mm        250
Max. Distance between pindle and table mm      1300
Spindle motor power Kw        1,1
Hydraulic motor power Kw        1,5
Cooling unit motor power Kw       0,19
Lifting and lowering of head motor power KW       0,75 
Electric system  V    380 - 24
Work length of machine  mm       3150
Length of machine  mm       1650
Width of machine  mm       1300
Height of machine  mm  2320 - 2700
Weight of machine  kg        900