YT 1800 / Hydraulic Milling and Grinding Engine Block‘s Flat Surfaces

  • Cast-iron base
  • Wheel dressing device fixed on grinding head
  • Sliding cover system
  • Hydraulic speed adjustable table
  • Slides lubrication system
  • Wheel rotation Speed adjustable
  • Movable control panel
  • Transmission head, up and down movement with ball screw system
  • Table “V” type slide system
  • The machine is produced of completely high quality cast-iron. Head rotating cast-iron. Head rotating speeds can be adjusted at any speed between 0-1400 rpm without cascade through electronic motor control device.
  • The table is hydraulic and has variable speed control. While the table is in operation, you might adjust the table feed speed as you require. The table feed is out of vibration at even the lowest speeds. Meanwhile, the table slides on prismatic guides for continuous lubrication.
  • Special sliding covers are designed in order to protect the operator of any explosion of the grinding wheels and prevent the splash of the water that is used along the grinding process. The stone rotating speed can be observed at a digital gauge placed on the control panel.
Standard / Extra Equipments     Standard      Extra  
Segmental wheel diam.400mm complete with 10 grinding segments          ●  
Grinding wheel balancing shaft          ●  
Toolholder complete with tool for the milling of cast iron and aluminum          ●  
Automatic device for rapid lifting and lowering of head          ●  
Automatic device for machine stop after cutting           ●  
Segmental wheel dressing apparatus          ●  
Set of two parallel supports 100x535 mm           2  
Clamping plates          4  
Hydraulic Units          ●  
Cooling Unit          ●  
Users Manuel           ●  
Magnetic Table          ●
Magnetic Cooling Water Seperator          ●
Hydraulic tank with cooling system           ●
Technical Specifications       YT 1800    
Machine table surface mm    1700x320 
Max. Grinding length(-X axis) mm        1800
Max. Grinding width(-Y axis) mm         400
Distance between column guides and table center mm         450
Max.Distance from wheel to table surface mm         900
Max/Min. Table speed (-X axis) m/dk      0 - 8000
Manual feed movement (-Z axis) mm        0.01
Segmental Grinding Wheel diameter(max) mm        400
Grinding wheel rotation speed(speed adjustable for NC) rpm      1 - 1400
Electric system V      380 - 24
Stroke motor (Z) Kw        0.37
Hydraulic motor(X) Kw          2
Spindle motor  Kw        5.5
cooling unıt pump motor Kw       0.37
Work length of machine  mm       4820
Length of machine mm       3020
Width of machine  mm       1400
Height of machine mm       2250
Weight of machine kg       2850