DPF 10S / Diesel Particulate DPF Cleaning Machine

- DPF filter cleaning machine

- uses the phenomenon of hydrodynamics of turbulent water flow, and the force of the compressed air pulse from the compressor,

- it works perfectly with DPF 10-S liquid reducing the surface tension water, thanks to which the detergent particles are more effective in removing dirt from the cleaned surface,

- it cleanses particulate filters from soot, ashes and oils.

• Cleaning (1 program - adjustable)

• Hot water resistance (Degree Adjustable) 

• Testing 

• Drying (1 program - adjustable)

• Printing cleaning reports

• Control unit:  Touch Screen (LCD) 

 • Back pressure test before and after cleaning: air test (mbar )

• Printing cleaning efficiency reports: internal panel printer

• Dirty water filtration system: internal, integrated with the machine (4 filter tank)

• Instaling the diesel particulate filter , quick-pneumatic connection

• Type of material used: Stainless steel

• Set of connection adapters for particulate filters (5 Pcs Connection apparatus)

• Contribution to the dirty water filtration system

• Detergent / Cleaning Chemical (2 Pcs)

Standard | Extra Eqipments    DPF 10-S
Touch Screen (LCD)  Pcs 1
Digital Heat İndicator (Adjustable) Pcs 1
Test Rapor System  Pcs 1
Cleaning Chemical Pcs 2
Connection adaptors(apparatus)  Pcs 5
Connection Pipe Pcs 1
Dpf Blower (heat and dry system) Pcs 1
Tank absorption Filter  Pcs 4
Water tank filter Pcs 1
Technical Specifications   DPF 10-S
Cleaning Capacity  Mm  850*670*1000
Loading Capacity Kg 300
Washing and Cleaning Platform  Kw 3 KW|9 BAR (High Precision Pump)
Pump Motor Power Kw 3 KW|9 Bar
Heater and dry system blower motor Power Kw  0.35
Humanity Exterior fan motor Power Kw 0.18
Water Tank Capacity  Lt 90
Heater  Pcs  2 pcs
Tank absorption Filter    Micron Filter
Pneumatic Connecting System  Bar 6/BAR
Electric Connections  V 380/ WOLT
Machine Lenght  Mm 1350
Machine Width  Mm 1050
Machine Height  Mm 2350
Machine Weight  Kg 700
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