Rotary Table Surface Grinding Machine - YTQ400 -


  • Cast iron body
  • Z and Y Axis automatic feeding 
  • Control panel with Touch screen and buttons
  • Movable(Portable) operation control panel
  • Rotary Magnetic Table 
  • Rotary table (Speed adjustable)  
  • Grinding wheel (Speed adjustable 0-2800)
  • Easy programming and automatic surfacing process
  • Time setting automatic lubrication system for all slides and ball screws.
  • Transmission down and up movements with ball screw and automatic lubrication.
  • Ball screw system for table forward and backward with automatic lubrication.
  • Three different automatic grinding mode selection
  • Turcite coated slides 
  • Grinding wheel main shaft and table axis with marble system
  • Cooling unit with fabric filter (Magnetic seperator extra)  
  • Movable work lighting lamp
  • Wheel flat surface approaching led light
  • Column curtain for secure the slides
  • Grinding wheel protector cover’Level adjustable’ (‘CE’Standards)
  • Front cabin protector cover curtains (‘CE’Standards)
  • Electric cabin secure system switches (‘CE’Standards)
  • Electric panel inside lighting lamp
  • Process of work signal lamp (Three different mode)