YTU 800-S (400x800) Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinding Machine (SERVOCONTROL)

  • Cast iron body
  • Z and Y Axis automatic feeding
  • Z and Y AC Servo Motor Control
  • Control panel with Touch screen and buttons
  • Electronic Hand Wheel for Y and Z axis.(Speed Adjustable)
  • Movable(Portable) operation control panel
  • Electro Magnetic Table (400x800)
  • Electro magnetic table include discharge magnetization
  • ‘X Axis’ Hydraulic Table (Speed adjustable)  
  • Grinding wheel (Speed adjustable 0-2800)
  • Easy programming and automatic surfacing process
  • Time setting automatic lubrication system for all slides and ball screws.
  • Transmission down and up movements with ball screw and automatic lubrication.
  • Ball screw system for table forward and backward with automatic lubrication.
  • Three different automatic grinding mode selection
  • Turcite coated slides 
  • Grinding wheel main shaft and table axis with marble system
  • Magnetic cooling water separator and fabric filter  
  • Movable work lighting lamp
  • Wheel flat surface approaching led light
  • Column curtain for secure the slides
  • Delicate feed adjustable wheel dressing apparatus (fixed on grinding head)
  • Grinding wheel protector cover ’Level adjustable’ (‘CE’Standards)
  • Front cabin protector cover curtains (‘CE’Standards)
  • Electric cabin secure system switches (‘CE’Standards)
  • Electric panel inside lighting lamp
  • Process of work signal lamp (Three different mode) 
Seri No  Standard | Extra Equipments    Standard       Extra   
048100 Water Cooling tank with Magnetic water separator            ●  
048101 Hydraulic Tank with Cooling System            ●  
048102 Wheel Flange with Grinding Wheel(fixed on machine)            ●  
048103 Wheel Balancing Apparatus            ●  
048104 Wheel Disassembly Stips            ●  
048105 Shaft of Wheel Balancing apparatus            ●  
048106 Water Protection Covers            ●  
048107 Magnetic Table (400x800)            ●  
048108 Machine Balancing Components            5  
048109 Wheel Dressing Apparatus             ●  
048110 1,5 Grad Wheel Grinding Diamond            ●  
048111 Users Manuel             ●  
048112 Electric Circuits            ●  
048113 Sliding Covers             ●
048114 Magnetic Cooling Water Seperator            ●  
048115 Delicate feed adjustable wheel dressing apparatus(fixed on grinding head)             ●  
048116 Parallels             ●
Techinacal Specifications        YTU 800-S        
Machine table surface mm         400x800
Max. Grinding length(-X axis) mm             1000
Max. Grinding width(-Y axis) mm              400
Max.Distance from center of spindle to table mm              553
Max/Min. Table speed (-X axis) m/dk            1 - 20
Automatic feed movement(-Y axis) mm           0.1- 40
Min.Manual feed movement (-Y axis) mm     elc. hand wheel
Automatic feed movement(-Z axis) mm      0.001~0.099
Min.Manual feed movement (-Z axis) mm     elc. hand wheel
Grinding Wheel diameter(max) mm       305x40x127
Grinding wheel rotation speed(speed adjustable for NC) rpm          0 - 2400
Electric system V         380 - 24
Stroke motor (Z) Kw     0.4 (AC servo)
Traverse motor (Y) Kw     0.4 (AC servo)
Hydraulic motor(X) Kw              4
Spindle motor Kw            5.5
Automatic oiling pump motor Kw           0.18
Water pump motor Kw           0.37
Work length of machine  mm          3450
Length of machine mm          2600
Width of machine  mm          1900
Height of machine mm          1900
Weight of machine kg          3950