ST 080 / Valve Grinding Machine

The machine has a complete coolant equipment which is designed inside the machine body. This machine performs delicate valve grinding.

The precision and genuine double V locking system is the most important key features of our VALVE REFACERS. Instead of traditional locking systems with collets or chucks; we use double V locking system, it is providing high accuracy grinding and this system has extremely easy use.

It has given to grind engine valves on requested angle. You can do valve end grinding and valve rocker refacing.  Additionaly, you would sharpening grinding stone with a special apparatus. 

Standard Equipments ST 080
Grinding wheel 1
Grinding wheel dresser 1
Valve fixing bearing 2
Cooling unit 1
User manual  1


Technical Specifications    ST 080
Valve Grinding Capacity   mm   4 - 12 mm and more bigger
Grinding Angle Capacity  mm 15 - 50 
Maximum grinding length   mm 340 
Grinding wheel dimensions   mm 175 x 35 
Grinding wheel rotation speed  Rpm 2800  
Electric system   V 380 -  50 hz
Valve rotating motor Rpm 14 devir 
Cooler motor   Standard 
Grinding attachments mm 1410  
Machine weight   Kg 90