KT 3000-NC / Crankshafts Grinding Machine

  • Cost-Iron base(body)
  • Wheelhead with fast oleodynamic feed
  • Headstock and tailstock displacement on air cushion
  • Electronic adjustable crank speed rotation motor
  • Electronic and movable control panel
  • Fast speed powered table traverse
  • Precision incremental in-feed
  • Wheelhead movement secure system
  • İncremental electronic measuring device
  • Slides lubrication system
  • Work lighting lamp
  • Cooling unit with fabric filter System
  • 220V Electric power plug on control panel for foreign uses
  • KT 3000 Crankshafts Grinding Machinery is a high-quality machine which has many specialities. The main features of the machine are practical usage, high performance, long life, strong and fast working ability. Our machine is designed to be enjoyable and considering the practical usage. For this reason, the design and quality of our machines better than the other trademarks. For example, centre movement is in the pneumatic system supplies faster work to the Crankshafts Grinding Machine and the centres move practically. Locking of the work heads is also very practical. Hydraulic equipment and pneumatic system are mounted on the machine. Apart from the manual feed, the table has a rapid automatic feed. The grinding wheel guide is produced by a system that was improved by our engineers for the first time in the world. This provides a very delicate grinding possibility. Grinding wheel main pivot is mounted in a special bronze bearing. All controls of the machine are done through the control panel. The best speciality of the machine is that the new operators save time as well as it provides a practical use for them. The machine is quite safe for the operators. These advantages don't exist on many other trademark machines.

    Standart     Ekstra  
02100 Service Kit           ●  
02101 Stroke or Center Position Checking Apparatus           ●  
02102 Device for taking the crank throw           ●  
02103 Centering rod mounted onto the check square           ●  
02104 Self Centering Chucks             ●  
02105 Wheel flange disassembly kit           ●  
02106 Narrow Steady Rest with built-in centerin fixture            ●  
02107 pair of flanges for grinding wheel           ●  
02108 Grinding wheel face and radius dresser(cutter diamond exluded)           ●  
02109 Cooling system tank            ●  
02110 Hydraulic system tank           ●  
02111 Pneumatic system           ●  
02112 Fixing Locks           ●  
02113 Precision incremental in-feed           ●  
02114 Electronic Powered Fast Table Traverse           ●  
02115 Electronic Digital Feed Meausuring Device           ●  
EA0024 Crankshaft superfinishing through device           ●
TÇK0023 Grinding wheel            ●  
02116 Work lighting lamp            ●  
02117 Grinding wheel balancing arbor           ●  
02118 Counter Weight            ●
02119 Continuous measurement attachment           ●
02120 Cathtplate           ●
02121 Drivers with locking pins           ●
02122 Conic Centers           ●
02123 Safety flop and switch           ●
02124 Lubrication Pump           ●  
02125 Atomatic lubrication system            ●
Technical Specifications       KT 3000  
Height of center over table mm       350
Max.Distance between centers(2 executions) mm      2900
Max.Swing over Table mm       700
Max.Head offset mm       170
Max. Diameter ground with full-size wheel mm       300
Max. Mass admitted between centers kg       400
Max.Weight admitted with rests kg       700
Self-centering chuck diameter mm       250
Table Micrometer feed per turn of the handwheel  mm/tur(turn)        6
Table Automatic quik movement mm/dk(mins)      4875
Workpiece rotation speed (stepless) r.p.m    0 - 100
Grinding wheel diameter mm      900
Max. Grinding wheel thickness mm       60
Min. Grinding wheel thickness mm       20
Air pressure for heads displacement bar        5
Wheelhead hydraulic fast traverse speed mm      150
Wheelhead  Micrometer feed speed mm      170
Wheelhead Micrometer feed per turn of the handwheel  mm/tur(turn)        3
Precision incremental feed mm   0.01-0.02
Grinding wheel motor power kw       7.5
Workhead motor power kw      0.75
Hydraulic unit motor power kw       1.5
Table control motor power kw        1
Cooling unit motor power kw      0.37
Work length of machine  mm      8500
Length of machine mm      5500
Width of machine  mm 2600-2300
Height of machine mm      1600
Weight of machine kg      5500