RM 500 / Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling Machine

  • Cast-iron base
  • Movable boring head changer robot
  • Transmisson head, up and down movements with speed adjustable
  • Electronic speed adjustable spindle rotation motor,
  • Movable control panel,
  • Speed adjustable table for surfacing
  • Electric powered fast traverse table ( left and right )
  • Movable work lighting lamp
  • Prepared system chip breakers (cutting tools)
  • Column curtain for secure the slides
  • Column “ V ” type slide system
  • Slides lubrication system
  • Electric panel inside lighting lamp
  • Boring head with marble system
  • Transmission down and up movements with ball screw system
  • Ball screw system for table forward and backward
  • Ball screw automatic lubrication system

RM 500 Cylinder Boring and Milling Machine is designed to provide you grater work possibility. You might bore very large engine blocks practically with this machine RM 500 Boring machine is a high quality machine that will meet all necessities of greater workshops. Boring machine with vertical movement of the boring head. The boring head with variable feed speed might be controlled manually or automatically. The head returns to the preset position automatically after the end of the boring operation inside the cylinder. You can adjust speed of boring head with special motor control device between 0-600 rpm. You can abserve the speed (rpm) that you placed on the boring head allows an easy centering inside the cylinder to be worked. The table performs transverse movement automatically during the process of surface milling. You can abserve the ampere that the machine uses at digital display on teh control panel.The left /right speed movement of the machine table can be adjusted electrically. When milling, you can adjust the table as variable speed.  Also you can adjust the boring head’s down movement electronically.
As a equipment we added the machine boring head changer robot handle.
With this handle, one operator can change boring head easily. 

Underneath the transmission it is closed with a steel blower. And on top of it closes with an automatic cloth curtain. So all the slides are closed automatically.

On the table apart from the automatic surface milling movement, there is no need to pull the table to left or right by hand because there are electrical fast speed movement buttons. Through these buttons you can move the table faster without using the hand wheel. This feature doesn’t exist on other machines.

Also, while surface milling, you can adjust the movement speed on table automatic as you wish.

No other machinery have boring head changer robot. One operator can change the boring heads automatically.

Seri No    Standard / Extra Equipments      RM 500 
032100 Boring head          3
032101 Surfacing head          1
032102 Universal setting-up fixture for V blocks          1
032103 Pair of parallels, supports 100 mm (small)          2
032104 Pair of parallels, supports 200 mm (big)           2
032106 Pair of quick setting up fixture       Extra
032107 Setting-up fixture for finned engine blocks          1
032108 Clamping engine block          4
032109 Setting screws and nuts         10
032110 Oil pump (manual)          2
032111 Chamfering tool                                                                             3
032112 Chip breaker          5
032113 Surface Milling Chip breaker          1
032114 Cylinder centering device          1
032115 Tools setting device without dial gauge          1
032116 Fulcrum lever of V block apparatus          1
032117 Boring heads changer robot          1
032118 Manual hand book          1
032119 Electric system box lighting lamp          1
032120 Lightening lamp          1
032121 Tool Box ( 2pcs wrench - oil pump -assembly tools screws and nuts )          1
032122 Tool Box for chip breakers           1
032123 Diamond(tool) dresser ( to sharpen the chip braker )        Extra
032124 Boring a machine tool component with a
dead-end hole tool
Technical Specification                                                                        RM 500
Max. Boring diameter mm         320
Min. Boring diameter mm          50
Max.Surface Milling width  mm          450
Distance between spindle centerline to column  mm         550
Max. Boring stroke ( with standard boring head )  mm        1000
Table working surface rpm    1980x520
Max.Longitudinal travel of table  mm       2100
Max.Table cross traverse  mm         110
Spindle rotation speeds (speed adjustable) d/dk(rpm)          0-700   
Spindle head fine feed speed (speed adjustable) d/dk(min)        0-2,00
Spindle head fast feed up and down (speed adjustable) mm/dk(min)         1400
Table quick feed speed  mm/dk(min)       10000
Table automatic fine feed speeds (speed adjustable) mm/dk(sec)       0-5,00
Electric System   V      380 - 24     
Spindle Motor   Kw           3  
Spindle head traverse up and down motor   Kw           1
Table automatic feed motor   Kw           1
Work length of machine  mm        4810
Lenght of machine  mm        2830
Width of machine  mm        1650
Height of machine  mm        2500
Weight of machine  kg        3600