KT 1600-NC / Crankshafts Grinding Machine

- Fully Cast Iron base
- Wheelhead with fast oleodynamic feed
- Headstock and tailstock displacement on air cushion
- Electronic adjustable speed work motor
- Electronic control panel

Crankshafts Grinding is a high quality machine which has many specialities. The main pecularities of the machine are practical usage, high performance, long life, the strong and fast work ability. Our machine is designed as to be enjoyable and keeping in view the practical usage. For this reason, the design and quality of our machine is better than the other trademarks. For example, center movement is in pneumatic system so as to supply fast work to the Crankshafts Grinding Machine, and so the centers move practically. The locking of the workheads is also very practical. Hydraulic equipment and pneumatic system is mounted on the machine. The grinding wheel movement is hydraulic. THe grinding wheel sledge is produced by application of a system that was improved by our engineers for the first time in the world. This, it provides you a very delicate grinding possibility. Grinding wheel main pivot is mounted in special bronze bearing. All controls of the machine are done through the control panel. The best speciality of the machine is that the new operators save time as well as it provides practical usage to them. The machine is quite safe for the operators. These advantages dont exist on many other trademark machines.

Seri No Standard Equipments Pcs
02100 Service kit 1
02101 Heads displacement checking device 1
02102 Cranckwebs measuring device 1
02103 Centering device for shafts and centers complete with rod 1
02104 Self centering chuck 200 mm diam. 2
02105 Grinding wheel extractor, bushing for threaded hub protection 1
02106 Standard size steady rest 2
02107 Grinding wheel diam. 815x203 mm., 25 mm. thickness 1
T0023 Grinding wheel face and radius dresser (diammont excluded) 1
02108 Pair of flanges 1
02109 Coolant system 1
02110 Oleodynamic system 1
02111 Pneumatic system 1
02112 Fixing lock 1
02117 Grinding wheel balancing shaft 1
  Instructions manual 1


Seri No  Extra Equipments Pcs
02121 Electronic Meausiring Device  1
02122 Electronic Powered Table Traverse 1
02123 Precision incremental in-feed 1
02124 Work head of center movement switch 1
02125 Device for continiuos guagin of crank shaft diameter during operation 1
02126 Safety flop and switch 1


Specifications   KT 1600
Height of centers on table mm 300
Max. Distance between centers mm 1600
Max. Swing over table mm 600
Max. Heads offset mm 140
Max. Grinding diameter with  mm 300
Max. Weight admitted between centers kg 300
Max. Weight admitted with rest kg 600
Diameter of self-centering chucks mm 200
Wheelhead fast oleodynamic feed mm 150
Wheelhead micrometric feed mm 170
Wheelhead manual feed every handwheel turn mm/tur/turn 3
Wheelhad impulse feed mm 0,01 - 0,02
Table micrometric feed every handwheel turn mm/tur/turn 6
Table automatic fast feed mm/dk 4875
Workspindle speeds of rotation rpm 0 / 100
Grinding wheel diameter mm 815
Max. Grinding wheel thickness mm 60
Min. Grinding wheel thickness mm 20
Wheelhead motor power hp 7,5
Workhead motor power hp 1
Oleodynamic unit motor power hp 1
Table control motor power hp 0,75
Coolant unit motor power hp 0,18
Air pressure heads displacement atm 4